Wedding customs of different nations of the world

Each country in the world has its own traditions and rituals that are observed for centuries and passed from generation to generation. Their sacred meaning is forgotten over time, and now many of them seem, if not strange, then funny. The diversity and difference of cultures is perfectly demonstrated by wedding rituals and customs of different countries.

Exhausting themselves with diets, Slavs would appreciate the wedding traditions of Nigeria. Here, the bride must acquire magnificent forms before the wedding, otherwise the groom has the right to send her back to her parents. In the Sahara brides begin to fatten from the age of 12! In addition, the groom to the bride must go through the ranks of her relatives, who are together taken to beat him with sticks. Of course, more than others at the same time trying to father-in-law and mother-in-law! It is believed that in this way they check the future son-in-law for strength and readiness for any adversity. In Yemen, the groom’s affairs are no better: on the day of his wedding, he is supposed to be pinched, kicked and beat, raising humility!